I will not feel burdened to keep it

I will not shy away from it

I will not find it difficult to admit it

I will not be afraid to show it

I will not find it hard to express it

I will not lie about it

I will not hide it from any one

I will not keep it away from coming out

I will not have a second thought before I let it out

I will not hesitate to say it

I need no alibi


True story


July The Fourteenth

On July the Fourteenth, Twelve years ago

I was so young, to realize it

I was so innocent, to be aware of the situation

I was so naive, to tell what was going on

I was so without emotions, now I wish I had…

I had no idea of what was happening

All I could do was smile, and be happy

All I could do was stare, and wonder why

All I could do was trying and blend in, and look sad for the camera

All I could do was be there, now I wish I under stood why…

And now it’s not easy

For so long, I have missed you so much

For so long, I am with great emptiness in my heart

For so long, I still look into the skies longing to see you once again

For so long, now I wish I had one more chance with you…

On July the fourteenth, Twelve years after

And I still want to be with you every second of my life

And I still think of you and wish that you were here with me

And I still cherish and appreciate that I once had you

And I still love you, now I forever miss you.

Open Windows

Open windows.

They are supposed to allow the breeze in,

And cool our chests.

They are supposed to allow the fresh air,

And drive away last night’s bad odor.

They are supposed to allow the wind blow away the curtains,

And let the sunshine peep through.

Open windows.


Open windows.

Are but just an opening,

The opportunist comes in through them.

Are but just a space,

For the lonely to stand by, watching the not so lonely.

Are but just a goddamn opportunity,

For the disheartened to jump their life away.

Are but just God given,

For the evil to look down upon their blind subjects.

Open windows.


An open window…

Has made me cry

Has made me lonely

Has made me distraught

Has made me desperate for want

Has made me hate myself

Has made me vulnerable

Has made me pity

Just one open window.


And this open window…

You are the one who opened it

You are the one who kept it open

You are the one who made it never to close

You are the one who left it open

And definitely you are the open window.

The very moment you decided to leave

The very moment you left.

Just another open one


Dad I miss you. So much,

You may never know how much.

But so much that it hurts.

That it makes me cry,

That it makes me grow cold,

That it makes me want to be alone,

And think about you.


Dad I Miss you. So big,

You may never know how big.

But the space inside my heart is so big,

That nothing can ever seal it,

That no procedure can ever take it away,

That no words can ever explain it

And no one can ever fill it.


Dad I miss you. A lot,

And I know you know.

Since every day, I stare high into the skies,

With the hope that I’ll get to see you, once again;

Since every day, I gaze outside my window,

With the faith that I’ll see you walking home, once again;

Since every day, I hold your photo,

With the feeling that I’ll get to hold your arm, once again;

Since every day I try your clothes

Waiting for the day that I’ll ever fit in them,

And stand tall like you used to’,

And like you used to,

And be just like you.


Dad I miss you. For a very long time I will.

And I know you know this.