Dad I miss you. So much,

You may never know how much.

But so much that it hurts.

That it makes me cry,

That it makes me grow cold,

That it makes me want to be alone,

And think about you.


Dad I Miss you. So big,

You may never know how big.

But the space inside my heart is so big,

That nothing can ever seal it,

That no procedure can ever take it away,

That no words can ever explain it

And no one can ever fill it.


Dad I miss you. A lot,

And I know you know.

Since every day, I stare high into the skies,

With the hope that I’ll get to see you, once again;

Since every day, I gaze outside my window,

With the faith that I’ll see you walking home, once again;

Since every day, I hold your photo,

With the feeling that I’ll get to hold your arm, once again;

Since every day I try your clothes

Waiting for the day that I’ll ever fit in them,

And stand tall like you used to’,

And like you used to,

And be just like you.


Dad I miss you. For a very long time I will.

And I know you know this.


~ by kavitta on July 1, 2012.

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