July The Fourteenth

On July the Fourteenth, Twelve years ago

I was so young, to realize it

I was so innocent, to be aware of the situation

I was so naive, to tell what was going on

I was so without emotions, now I wish I had…

I had no idea of what was happening

All I could do was smile, and be happy

All I could do was stare, and wonder why

All I could do was trying and blend in, and look sad for the camera

All I could do was be there, now I wish I under stood why…

And now it’s not easy

For so long, I have missed you so much

For so long, I am with great emptiness in my heart

For so long, I still look into the skies longing to see you once again

For so long, now I wish I had one more chance with you…

On July the fourteenth, Twelve years after

And I still want to be with you every second of my life

And I still think of you and wish that you were here with me

And I still cherish and appreciate that I once had you

And I still love you, now I forever miss you.


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