Take My Heart

Here’s my heart,

Yours to keep,

Carry it with you,

And never let it go.


There I hand it to you,

Make it yours,

Love and cherish it,

It’s a treasure for our love.


Everywhere you go

Let it be by your side,

Keep it close to you,

Let it remind you of me


Here’s my heart

I give it all to you

Have it

Here, There and Everywhere



I Love you

I didn’t have to make a wish

I’ve never met any genie in a bottle

But I already got you

One that I’ve always wanted


I didn’t have to fight in the arena

I’ve never met any gladiator

But I already have you

One who is worth fighting for


I didn’t have to cross the vast seas

I can’t set sail without you

But I already have you

No ocean will ever set us apart


I love you

I’ll say this again and again

I give you my heart

Take it and make it yours

And I’ll forever love you

This I promise you

To Be

To be Strong,

Is not to lack tears

To be  Hopeful,

Is not to lack fear

To Triumph,

Is not to lack grief

To be relieved,

Is not to lack frustration

To pride,

Is not to lack embarrassment

To be content,

Is not to lack the want for more

To desire,

Is not to lack disgust

To be sympathetic,

Is not to lack cruelty

To love,

Is not to lack hate

But to be Human,

Is to be emotional

To be

Is all that I want