Stallion Love

I fell in love with a Stallion

A bond to the exclusion of all

Excellent in love and well mannered

A body of strength to behold

Pretty black color to stare at

He’s the star of the show


Mean, Vicious, Uncontrollable

Unless I attend to him; personally

No other handler can touch him

And he proudly knows it

Does he even care?

To know that I have other duties to attend?


Noble of stature

Spirited in Love and Soul

Natural is his beauty

Reason I fell in love

No one can put us apart

Not even the race track separates us


Many are those that have fallen

Fallen in love with him; which scares me

To lengths that I want he indoors; stalled

He knows that too

But he has a race to attend to

Who am I to say no?


The Show must go on

Out the stables he has to be

My love has to conquer the race

I know he knows of my trust in him

And he can never let me down

Our unique love; Stallion Love

Is one that will last forever


Evening Rain

Rain, Rain, Rain

Though inconveniently coming at 5 p.m,
Your waters rejuvinate a fatigued soul.

Though you sock my fav suit with you,
Your Drops take with them all tire of the day.

Though with every drop you flood all the city streets,
The Run off cools that heat from the sore feet.

Not to forget the sound as you touch the ground.
When I finally get home only to use it as my sweet lullaby.

Their’s something about you, I can’t really tell but;
Never ceasing, keep coming

Rain, Rain, Rain