Stallion Love

I fell in love with a Stallion

A bond to the exclusion of all

Excellent in love and well mannered

A body of strength to behold

Pretty black color to stare at

He’s the star of the show


Mean, Vicious, Uncontrollable

Unless I attend to him; personally

No other handler can touch him

And he proudly knows it

Does he even care?

To know that I have other duties to attend?


Noble of stature

Spirited in Love and Soul

Natural is his beauty

Reason I fell in love

No one can put us apart

Not even the race track separates us


Many are those that have fallen

Fallen in love with him; which scares me

To lengths that I want he indoors; stalled

He knows that too

But he has a race to attend to

Who am I to say no?


The Show must go on

Out the stables he has to be

My love has to conquer the race

I know he knows of my trust in him

And he can never let me down

Our unique love; Stallion Love

Is one that will last forever


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