Underneath it all

Is a weary Soul

Wary of the future

About to break

Leaking of pain

And too much sorrow


Underneath it all

Is a frail and fractured soul

Soar and Painful

It hurts so bad

Yet with a painful determination


Can’t Push anymore

Can’t see or hear no more

Can’t stand or move no more

But underneath it all

Is a deem hope

And this Angel,

Is gonna shine and fly again


Has to be now

Hear me now,

While still I got my best voice

To sing to you and charm you


See me now,

While still at my best looks

Memories of a lifetime to behold


Hold me now,

While still I got strength to hold too

To love and adore you; a promise I’ll keep


Keep me now,

Time does quickly go; flesh does quickly whither

But everlasting moments, are now