I’m lost

and confused

I’m hurt

with lots of pain

I’m sad

in no good moods

I’m angry

and hating

but all this,

hate, anger, sad moods

are just but a passing cloud

True they are

coz I know me

I know my heart

is none of the above

just give me a moment

a moment to myself

and everything will be alright





I like



I alter the planes

Of my face to replicate

A more affable


Do I render myself


In the assumptions

Of smiles not yet


Or is happiness

In part conditioning?

I was fed of tragedy

I know not

What fate

I should attune

But to surrender

To my savage blood

Is surely unforgivable


I had more than one poem I wanted to share, I wrote a few today woot. I forgot my trash can at the recycle station today now I am out a trash can and they are weirdly expensive. I didn’t realize I had walked off without it till I was making dinner and went to throw something away and it wasn’t there (5-6 hours after I went to the recycle station mind you). Knowing me I probably just chucked it in with plastics lol. Life is extremely strange for me. This story has nothing…

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