Every other time

Every time I think of you, it kills me to imagine,

That I will never see you; that I will never be near you

Or close to you, no more.


It kills me to know that that one chance,

That i,ve always wished to have; to be with you

One more time, is just but a wish


It kills me to know that time will never go back

To that very moment you left; that will be but a dream

A dream that I will keep on dreaming about forever


It kills me to know that I will only keep on imagining

Things and stuff; stuff that we would do together

That you would tell me, and stuff you would forbid


It kills me to know that I will keep to me secrets

That I would keep away; that I’d make people swear

Swear by the day they’ll ever tell you


Of the good days that we would just talk and talk and laugh

That we would piss each other off, and hate each other

Only to come back to you, grinning. and ask for assistance


Sometimes I wish; wish that I had some more time

One more second, Half a Minute, Half an Hour, Half a day

Okay, forever. Just that one more chance to be with you


The gap you left, deep and infinite. huge

I believe you can see me, show me a sign

Don’t you? Don’t you see me? Ever? Huh?


I will wait. I will wait. No matter how long

For you.

To come back again.


~ by kavitta on June 5, 2014.

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