As long

As long as my worn out feet shall hold, I shall stand
As long as my feebleness overpowers me, I shall fight
As long as my foes live, I shall make friends
As long as the fire burns, I shall shape my sword

As long as the fabric spreads, I shall hem
As long as the river flows, I shall sail my raft
As long as the rains pour, I shall collect the run off
As long as this night is, I shall count the stars

As long as this hymn goes, I shall happily play my lyre
As long as this horizon goes, I shall clearly see
As long as this lamp is filled with oil, I shall brightly shine
As long as my heart beats, I shall make it grow bigger

My faith, as small as the mustard seed
And courage, twice my size
As long, as long, as long as the good Lord above wills
I shall I shall I shall


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