Looking into your eyes I see affection

Reading your lips I hear resilience

Laying on your chest is strength and comfort

With you,

Strength begets me
So does will

Hope fills me
So does happiness

Affection puts me together
As love holds me down

Because you,

You are Love


Moon Creatures: Part A

Men and women retreat

Bolts and padlocks are sought

As all man’s trust rests on them

The moon finally reigns

Its a day, a night day

Who thought the sun couldn’t afford?

But fear,

The Shivering glow

Lighting up the savannah

Eerily, bringing out all the unseen

Creatures, untold


What if a man is to trip? Wouldn’t he steady again?
What if a man is to fall? Wouldn’t he stand up again?
What if a man is to go wrong? Doesn’t he have a second chance?
We fall. We hurt. We mess up. We get lost.
But love. In the form of endless chances,
No matter how many times I require of it.
Is all that I ask for.

Always a first

On our first day outside
we had no idea how the sun looked like.
On our first day outside
We saw the brightest yellow star.

On our first step outside
We didn’t know what dirt was.
On our first step outside
We let dust cover us.

On our first walk outside
We expected the storm.
On our first walk outside
The four winds were whispering to us.

On our first evening outside
We didn’t know colour.
On our first evening outside
The golden dusk was our colour bomb.

On our first night under the stars
We didn’t expect the cold.
But on our first night outside
The moon kept us waiting
For another day together
Together forever
Everyday, a living first.

July The Fourteenth

Fifteen years now… in loving memory of Robert Mbithi Kiamba


On July the Fourteenth, Twelve years ago

I was so young, to realize it

I was so innocent, to be aware of the situation

I was so naive, to tell what was going on

I was so without emotions, now I wish I had…

I had no idea of what was happening

All I could do was smile, and be happy

All I could do was stare, and wonder why

All I could do was trying and blend in, and look sad for the camera

All I could do was be there, now I wish I under stood why…

And now it’s not easy

For so long, I have missed you so much

For so long, I am with great emptiness in my heart

For so long, I still look into the skies longing to see you once again

For so long, now I wish I had one more chance…

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Always on the Rock

From the deepest of the valleys to the highest of the mountains
From the widest of the seas to largest of the islands
From the farthermost of the lands to the most endless skies
There is only one place I can be and be safely home.
On the Rock. Christ. The only Rock I stand