No regrets

I shall remember the time you called
and asked me to follow closely

I shall remember the time you led me
along a path that I knew not of
In careful calculated steps.

I shall remember the time you took me
to a place so dear to me
Halo being its daylight

I shall remember the time you lifted me
upon a higher ground over the place dear to me
and whispered to my ear, its all yours.

How can I forget
How can I not thank you
How can I not shed tears
For without you I could not have fulfilled a desire
That had taken so long to fulfill.


2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 350 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

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As long

As long as my worn out feet shall hold, I shall stand
As long as my feebleness overpowers me, I shall fight
As long as my foes live, I shall make friends
As long as the fire burns, I shall shape my sword

As long as the fabric spreads, I shall hem
As long as the river flows, I shall sail my raft
As long as the rains pour, I shall collect the run off
As long as this night is, I shall count the stars

As long as this hymn goes, I shall happily play my lyre
As long as this horizon goes, I shall clearly see
As long as this lamp is filled with oil, I shall brightly shine
As long as my heart beats, I shall make it grow bigger

My faith, as small as the mustard seed
And courage, twice my size
As long, as long, as long as the good Lord above wills
I shall I shall I shall

The Feeling

So magical is the spirit
So inspiring is the thought
So calming is the feeling
I am so taken by it
No regrets

Through my bedroom window
As the sun rays take their position
I cannot help but look through them
Focusing my eyes to the distant
And smile. Saying,
‘He brought the sun to me. Again’

Mine is a felicitous morning
The sorrow of yester-day, gone
The embrace all through the night
Did lull the dragons of worry and fear
And although I could not see you
The warm effect, and the comfort. I felt

When they say words cannot express it
True. Words can’t express what I’m feeling
Reason I made a promise
To go to the church up the hill
And sing all those hymns. Because,
I’m happy, as a clam at high wate

Wing of the Phoenix

I am of the sun. Born of the flames

High and mighty I fly

I die, I decompose, I rise

And fly again. Relentlessly

Halo. How else can you tell me

Sapphire. The colour of my sight

Vibrancy. Sells me out

Work of Art. I am

Fire burns me to ashes

Fire recreates me

Fire makes me who I am

Fire is within me

I am the myth

I am the legend

I am the Phoenix

Son of the sun

Faith and Determination

I look up, High above me
Up the tallest and magnificent
I can’t help it but be awed
All that I see above me
Not the Mezzanine or top floor above
Not the aerials high up or clouds above them
Not the airplanes flying past or the stars
But the day blue and night dark
The deepest seas above the skies
And endless space over it
I can only imagine, how limitless it is
Like the faith and determination
That MY only human heart got


Every other time

Every time I think of you, it kills me to imagine,

That I will never see you; that I will never be near you

Or close to you, no more.


It kills me to know that that one chance,

That i,ve always wished to have; to be with you

One more time, is just but a wish


It kills me to know that time will never go back

To that very moment you left; that will be but a dream

A dream that I will keep on dreaming about forever


It kills me to know that I will only keep on imagining

Things and stuff; stuff that we would do together

That you would tell me, and stuff you would forbid


It kills me to know that I will keep to me secrets

That I would keep away; that I’d make people swear

Swear by the day they’ll ever tell you


Of the good days that we would just talk and talk and laugh

That we would piss each other off, and hate each other

Only to come back to you, grinning. and ask for assistance


Sometimes I wish; wish that I had some more time

One more second, Half a Minute, Half an Hour, Half a day

Okay, forever. Just that one more chance to be with you


The gap you left, deep and infinite. huge

I believe you can see me, show me a sign

Don’t you? Don’t you see me? Ever? Huh?


I will wait. I will wait. No matter how long

For you.

To come back again.