Hurt Heart

a heart;

so full of innocence, and humility

so full of love, and affection

so full of joy, and care

so full of grace, and compassion

yet a heart,

most hurt.


I loved, and i’m still me

Mirror mirror on the wall

Look at me again

What’s unAfrican about me?

They call this feeling foreign

And can never be African

Is it true?

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Is love what changed it all?

That they turn against me?

And say I’m foreign influenced?

I only fell in love

Mirror mirror on the wall

I’m African, you know it

I only loved and happened to be loved

Is this love normal?

Is it?

Mirror mirror on the wall

I’ll stand up. Tall

And walk. Head high

And declare. Let them know

I’m African. Love didn’t change anything

Stallion Love

I fell in love with a Stallion

A bond to the exclusion of all

Excellent in love and well mannered

A body of strength to behold

Pretty black color to stare at

He’s the star of the show


Mean, Vicious, Uncontrollable

Unless I attend to him; personally

No other handler can touch him

And he proudly knows it

Does he even care?

To know that I have other duties to attend?


Noble of stature

Spirited in Love and Soul

Natural is his beauty

Reason I fell in love

No one can put us apart

Not even the race track separates us


Many are those that have fallen

Fallen in love with him; which scares me

To lengths that I want he indoors; stalled

He knows that too

But he has a race to attend to

Who am I to say no?


The Show must go on

Out the stables he has to be

My love has to conquer the race

I know he knows of my trust in him

And he can never let me down

Our unique love; Stallion Love

Is one that will last forever

Love Bit

When the sun comes up

I not only rise

But I rise with a bit

That from my heart


Its something that I cannot wish away

A bit that I’ve kept for years

One that I cannot keep to myself any longer

Its for you, and me, to keep to ourselves


I want you to hear it and dance to it

I want you to feel it and know its from my deepest soul

Its definitely my love bit, I swear

Its what defines my love for you


This is the bit. Can you hear it?

This is the bit. Can you feel it?

This is the bit. Can you tell it?

This is the bit. The love bit

My love bit


I Love you

I didn’t have to make a wish

I’ve never met any genie in a bottle

But I already got you

One that I’ve always wanted


I didn’t have to fight in the arena

I’ve never met any gladiator

But I already have you

One who is worth fighting for


I didn’t have to cross the vast seas

I can’t set sail without you

But I already have you

No ocean will ever set us apart


I love you

I’ll say this again and again

I give you my heart

Take it and make it yours

And I’ll forever love you

This I promise you

To Be

To be Strong,

Is not to lack tears

To be  Hopeful,

Is not to lack fear

To Triumph,

Is not to lack grief

To be relieved,

Is not to lack frustration

To pride,

Is not to lack embarrassment

To be content,

Is not to lack the want for more

To desire,

Is not to lack disgust

To be sympathetic,

Is not to lack cruelty

To love,

Is not to lack hate

But to be Human,

Is to be emotional

To be

Is all that I want


‘You are my hero, and you know it’


You are the one I first fell in love with

That day when I first opened my eyes

And I saw your face radiant with joy

The most gorgeous face that I’ve ever seen

And I can never turn my eyes away from it.


When I look at you,

I see the most beautiful face ever

That which no other could match

That which I’ll forever love


Your voice is the first I fell in love with

That day when you first sung to me

And I stopped howling to listen to the tunes

The sweetest singing that I’ve ever heard

And I can never fail to say that I cherished it.


When I listen to you sing

I hear the sweetest voice ever

That which no other could match

That which I’ll forever heed


Your embrace is the first I fell in love with

The times that I would crawl to you to take me

And I would burrow in your arms

Feeling the warmth and sense of protection

And I can never deny that I treasured your grip.


When you take me into your arms

I feel the strongest hug ever

That which no other would match

That which I’ll forever adore


When I look unto you

I see the most loving heart, the most forbearing mind

When I look at you

I see the gentlest spirit, the noblest soul

When I look at you

I see a pillar of my being, I see a heroine

When I look at you

I fall in love with you

I love you mum.